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  • Automotive Transponder Keys Products

    Automotive Transponder Keys

    In automotive transponder keys, the transmitter unit generally consists of a small microcip in plastic part of a key.The chip has a serial number that's unique and this number is set when its initial programming was done.

  • Automotive remote controls

    Automotive remote controls

    Automotive remote controls are used for locking cars. The remote typically controls access to the vehicle without using any traditional mechanical key.

  • Boot Locks

    Boot Locks

    A1 Automotive Locksmiths Sydney replaces car boot locks. If your boot lock is jammed or worn out just give us a call and we will check the availability and cost for your boot lock replacement. 
  • Ignition Lock

    Ignition Lock

    Ignition lock is a restraint, which is incorporated into the ignition switch for preventing the use of a vehicle by people who don't have the key.

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